LCD Berlin Academy

5 MAR 2020

the lcd berlin academy

The LCD Berlin Academy is an intimate knowledge-sharing event for creative thinkers at the intersection of culture and travel to exchange transdisciplinary expertise, grow trusting networks and co-create tangible solutions.
Therefore our goal is to create a new platform for dialogue and debate between global experts and Berlin’s key actors. We are drawing from the diversity of the city and beyond by inviting thought-leaders with various perspectives and experiences in the fields of art, culture, travel and politics. The Academy offers a unique opportunity to exchange insights and collaborate with a visionary group of people.



Small groups with short expert insights and hands-on topic explorations. Each exploration consists of 3-4 expert impulses that set the stage for dialogue and debate. The outcomes will be captured and shared among all participants.


11:00  Doors open & refreshments
11:30  Welcome
11:40  Insights
12:30  Block 1
13:30  Lunch 
14:30  Block 2
16:00  Conclusion & Wrap-Up


Session 1

A “Shoes Off” Approach

Placemaking through cultural programming — How can we create lasting, equitable value?

Session 2

Overrated: Architecture

Between community-based participation and top-down planning — How should we develop common space?

Session 3

A Tale of Two Audiences

Neighbourhood guardian or tourist hub — How can cultural institutions be a key intermediary between local communities and global audiences?

Session 4

On Storytelling: Collaborate, Curate, Narrate

Our digital world has brought about a golden age for narration — Yet how can we collaborate to best tell a destinations story?

Session 5

1+1=3 Distributing the Gains

Between earning and investing — How can we better distribute revenues within a community?

Session 6

Know Your Temporary Citizen

Between wanderlust, enlightenment and surveillance in cultural travel — What are the data-driven opportunities? Where are the ethical boundaries?


Experts from culture and travel, winners and jury of the LCD Awards, and representatives of multiple cities and institutions. Confirmed experts include museum directors such as the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin’s Paul Spies or Florian Knothe from the Hong Kong – University Museum and Art Gallery, as well as experienced cultural consultants like Javier Jimenez from Lord Cultural Resources and global travel experts like Helena Egan.

LCD Berlin Salon 2019

Common Curiosity & New Frontiers

Culture and travel are both driven by the desire to know, learn and experience more of our world. In both fields we see a vibrant common curiosity to explore, as well as a common desire for cultural experiences. Cultural tourisms role as a vital driver for the sustainable development of cities and regions is continually growing, while its becoming ever more important to focus on fostering synergies between culture, regional development and travel.

Simultaneously new frontiers are emerging. A rapidly evolving world presents new challenges and opportunities that demand new solutions from the cultural tourism sector. These frontiers range from making tourism more sustainable and mindful, prospective placemaking and co-creating inclusive public spaces, to managing the balance between local communities and global audiences.

In the inaugural edition of the LCD Berlin Salon in September 2019 and the LCD Berlin Academy on 5 March 2020 we intended to find common ground through thematic explorations, collaborative sensemaking and the co-creation of solutions. We believe that through this exchange, we can build bridges between culture, travel and policy makers in order to grow a fertile and sustainable ecosystem in the field of cultural tourism.  LCD Berlin set the beginning of this transformative movement between culture and travel.